Our Services

We believe that a satisfied customer is the best advertisement. Providing excellent services and timely advice make us long term partners and not just any other service provider.

Tracknext is an entity created to protect the legal interests of SMEs and freelancers from frequent threats of fraudulent deals.

Availing services from us ensures peace of mind and empowers our clients to focus more on their areas of expertise.

Our expert team helps you handle vetting of propositions, pre-agreement legal query management and addendum.

Our arbitration services are available to clients who have issues settling disputes within on-going or executed agreements.

The threats of legal battles drawn through long duration of court visits are a nightmare. At Tracknext we realize this and hence draw from all our years of experience to help you mitigate this very risk.

Our online form of work helps in resolving issues without any geographical limitations.

Another factor which Tracknext has managed to address is unclear legal costs.

Our rate card based system exactly tells you what your charges would be at the onset helping you plan your finances better.