HR Policy


The Policy defines the work schedule, leaves entitlement to the employees, and shall cover rules and regulation regarding work schedule and Leaves.

All employees are binded to follow the work schedule and leave policy that is govern by the organisation. The organisation reserves the rights to amend the policy time to time according to the workflow and at the time of product delivery.

Employees are provided with flexible working hours and casual leave that enable them to balance work with rest and recreation, family responsibilities and other specific purposes. The organisation supports safe and healthy work place. It is in interest of employees and organisation to achieve goals fast and meet product delivery date.

The Human Resource, Supervisor and Employees are responsible for considering and balancing, operational and individual need when applying/approving for flexitime and Casual leave. The Supervisor and Human Resource are responsible for monitoring Flexitime and Casual Leave accordingly.


The organisation is 24*7 running. The usual work schedule in the organisation is 40 hours a week, this means 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. The employee is entitled for 2 week off but it totally depends upon work and organisation need. At such time employee cooperation is expected. An employee has to inform his work schedule of the day to his supervisor.


Employee may enjoy a schedule of flexible working hours for office/service and managerial/professional employees, provided it does not decrease employee efficiency. The initial or lateral three hours of the work schedule of the day in flexitime should not be between unusual timing (12:00 AM- 5:00 AM). Abuse of flexitime scheduling may result in loss of privilege. Occasion may arises when flexitime may be suspended temporarily because of vacation, product delivery or any other reason. When this occur, the supervisor should give employee as much advance notice as possible.

Adequate supervision must be provided for employees on flexitime. However, it does not require that supervisor needs to be present during all working hours worked by the employees. Supervision can frequently be exercised by measuring productivity.


Organisation is liable to consider/allow employees to work from any site. The supervisor on the other hand can ask the employee for an audio or video call to check, ask, to discuss or to attend any query.

Human Resource is available to provide advice and direction in establishing non-traditional work arrangements.


Casual Leave can be taken to meet any personal or medical need. All employees working in the organisation are eligible to take 1 Casual Leave in a month. The Casual Leave availed can be 0.5 with the maximum limit of 1 in a month. The leave to be applied with a mail to the supervisor and Human Resource preferably 2 days in advance except in case of emergency.

Unused Casual Leave will collapse at the end of the calendar year (December) and is not carried forward to the next year.

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